Hopkins & Howard

Elmer Dennis Hopkins was the fourth of 10 children born to James Arton Hopkins and Lucinda Howard. Jim was born in Hancock County, Tennessee and moved to Harlan County, Kentucky with his maternal grandparents before he was five years old. Cindy was born and grew up in Harlan County.

Elmer’s family surnames include Clouse, Hopkins, Howard, McFarland, Mark, Morris, Risner, and (maybe) Wolfenbarger. These families lived in eastern Tennessee and eastern Kentucky from the early 1800s.

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Photo on right: (front) Grant, Jim, Doc, Lula, Cindy; (back) Lige, Lum, Berry, Elmer 
Hopkins Family, 1909
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George Clouse and his wife, Elizabeth (maiden name possibly Jarvis) lived in Washington County, Tennessee.  Their daughter, Catherine, married Stephen Hopkins. Catherine was Elmer's 2nd great-grandmother.

Elizabeth Cole, daughter of Joseph Cole and Freelove Mason, married Nehemiah Hopkins in 1762 in Bristol County, Rhode Island. Joseph's family had been in Massachusetts and Rhode Island for several generations by then. Elizabeth was Elmer's 3rd great-grandmother.

Elizabeth Denny was the first wife of Samuel Mark. They probably married in Lee County, Virginia prior to 1800. Elizabeth's parents are unknown. She was Elmer's 2nd great-grandmother.  

Mary Fisher married George Morris about 1795 somewhere in North Carolina. Mary and George lived in Lee County, Virginia, Harlan County, Kentucky, and Andrew County, Missouri. Mary's parents are unknown. She was Elmer's 2nd great-grandmother.

Stephen Hopkins and Catherine Clouse lived in Claiborne County, Tennessee. Stephen was the son of Nehemiah Hopkins and Elizabeth Cole and his Hopkins line goes back to New England in the 1600s. Stephen and Catherine's son Stephen married Rachel McFarland and moved to Harlan County, Kentucky after the Civil War. Stephen and Rachel's daughter Eliza was Elmer's paternal grandmother.  

Thomas Howard's son John married Mary Risner. They lived in Knox County and Harlan County, Kentucky. John and Mary's son, John Covey, married three times and fathered 20 children (at least). John and his third wife, Mary Morris, were the parents of Lucinda Howard. She was Elmer's mother.

Rachel McFarland married Stephen Hopkins, Jr. around 1822, probably in Claiborne County, Tennessee or that general area. Rachel's parents are unknown. She was Elmer's great-grandmother.

Samuel Mark and Elizabeth Denny settled in Lee County, Virginia just before 1800. They later moved across the mountain to Harlan County, Kentucky. Samuel eventually returned to Lee County, where he died 1845. Samuel and Elizabeth's daughter, Martha, married Littleton Morris. Martha was Elmer's great-grandmother.

Littleton Morris was born in North Carolina, possibly the son of George Morris and Mary Fisher. They were in Lee County, Virginia about 1802. Littleton married Martha "Patsy" Mark and they were living in Harlan County, Kentucky by 1820. Littleton and Patsy's daughter Mary married John Covey Howard. Mary was Elmer's maternal grandmother. 

Michael Risner and Catherine (maiden name unknown) lived in Lee County, Virginia. Michael died about 1814. Their daughter, Mary, married John Howard. Mary was Elmer's great-grandmother.

Stephen Wolfenbarger of Hancock County, Tennessee may have been the father of James Arton Hopkins but we only have family stories to support that. Y-DNA testing has been inclusive to date, but atDNA may answer the question (see Who was James Arton Hopkins' father? for details). Stephen was the son of Wilkerson H. Wolfenbarger and Sarah Taylor and the grandson of Jacob Wolfenbarger and Nancy Sloan. Stephen may have been Elmer's paternal grandfather. 

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