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A starting point for those who have an autosomal DNA match to me or other family members whose kits I manage.

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About Lee About Photo Location: Taken in Hopkins County, Kentucky by Lee's brother-in-law Henry T. ClementsDate: Probably late 1870sCredit: Courtesy
Photo: Emma Jane Owens Taylor
About Emma Jane: About Photo: Location: Susie Taylor Krueger's yard on West Main Street in Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky
Happy New Year 2021
This year, maybe more than ever, we all look forward to a new year. It will soon be a year
Feature John D. Lanier (*2nd Great-uncle, McCauley) 180 Years Ago: John D. Lanier was born on 29 December 1840 in
*Each person’s relationship to me and the surname of the grandparent through which the relationship falls are in parentheses after
Feature Joseph Smith Lanier and Nancy Jane Bennett (*Great-grandparents, McCauley) 152 Years Ago: Joseph Smith Lanier and Nancy Jane Bennett

The Family Tree page includes a 5-generation Ahnentafel chart for each of my grandparents and links to additional information.