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A starting point for those who have an autosomal DNA match to me or other family members whose kits I manage.

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Photo: Petty Siblings-John, Samantha, & Perry
About John Full Name: John Franklin PettyBirth: 15 September 1874, Hopkins County, KentuckyDeath: 30 June 1943, Harrisburg, Saline County, IllinoisBurial:
Photo: Emma Jane and Emma
About Emma Jane Full Name: Emma Jane OwensBirth: 16 April 1882, Rockcastle County, KentuckyDeath: 17 March 1968, Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle
Photo: Two Elmer Hopkinses
About Elmer H. Full Name: Elmer Henry HopkinsBirth: 31 December 1887, Umatilla County, OregonDeath: 10 September 1986, Vallejo, Solano County,
Photo - Six McCauley Siblings
About Jimmie Full Name: Jimmie Nell McCauleyBirth: 6 August 1929, Greenville, Muhlenberg County, KentuckyDeath: 15 December 2018, Greenville, Muhlenberg County,
Jim & Medie Hankins
About Jim Full Name: James W. HankinsBirth: 25 July 1860, Hopkins County, KentuckyDeath: 15 March 1930, Providence, Webster County, KentuckyBurial:
About Hartford Full Name: Hartford Conn TaylorBirth: 11 April 1905, Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, KentuckyDeath: 17 October 1963, Waukegan, Lake
Photo: Cindy, Jim, Grant, Lula, & Lum Hopkins
About Cindy Full Name: Lucinda HowardBirth: 16 February 1867, Wallins Creek, Harlan County, KentuckyDeath: 16 May 1957, Wallins Creek, Harlan
About David Full Name: David Hankins McCauleyBirth: 12 July 1926, Greenville, Muhlenberg County, KentuckyDeath: 16 June 2000, Lexington, Fayette County,
Lee & Samantha Petty Hankins Bios

Read full biographies of my great-grandparents Thomas Leander Hankins and Samantha Angeline Petty and their seven children.

Lee and Samantha lived in Hopkins County, Kentucky. Three of their children died young—daughter Aggie Lee as an infant and sons John Corum and William Perry in their twenties. Daughter Verda Waller moved to neighboring Muhlenberg County and raised a large family. Their other three sons all left Kentucky. Thomas Richard spent several years in Nashville, Tennessee, before settling in Birmingham, Alabama. James Bailey picked California, living in the Los Angeles area for many years and then moving to Carlsbad when he retired. And Albert Elvie lived in eight states and had (at least) six wives.

Family Tree page

The Family Tree page includes a 5-generation Ahnentafel chart for each of my grandparents and links to additional information.